SCC Budget After LB 243

Southeast Community College applauds Gov. Pillen and state senators for passing legislation that provides property tax relief and commits state aid to Nebraska community colleges. By creating the Community College Future Fund, the state of Nebraska is investing in community colleges and is committed to providing funding to ensure the colleges fulfill their mission to provide a skilled workforce and affordable access to higher education within their service areas. LB 243 replaces general-fund tax dollars with state funds by creating a 100% tax credit for property taxpayers for the transition year. Critical details include:

  • The baseline year for the new Community College Future Fund, which will begin in 2024-25, is based on the amount generated by the levy rate set in 2023. Based on an analysis of its current and future needs, SCC set its levy rate to utilize its remaining levy rate authority.
  • To avoid a negative impact on the taxpayer as the community colleges transition to the new model, LB 243 includes a 100% tax credit for community college taxes paid based on the rate set in 2023.
  • Beginning in 2024-25, the community colleges will no longer have general taxing authority unless the Community College Future Fund cannot be fully funded.


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